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The TeeJay Philosophy

TeeJay Publishers is one of the largest suppliers of mathematical support materials, textbooks and resources to schools in Scotland. With over 24 textbooks in almost every Secondary and Independent School, and over 90% of Primary Schools, TeeJay deliver the entire package, from Core Textbooks and homework sheets to course planners and assessment packs. Everything you and your school needs in the one place.

National Curriculum for England

TeeJay is now producing its own brand of high quality Mathematics Textbooks for the new National Curriculum in England, being introduced in September 2014. These have been written in collaboration with Primary Teachers in England, to ensure all aspects of the curriculum are covered, as laid out in the "National Curriculum in England" Framework Document (July 2013), to the highest standard. We'd love you to stay a while and look around our site, so click on one of the options that best suits your needs and let us know if we can help out in any way. There's also loads of FREE downloads.

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Not just a maths textbook. A whole new maths concept.