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TeeJay Publishers provides an extensive range af mathematics resources, ranging from Primary 1 to Secondary 6. These include our Primary and Secondary textbooks, photocopiable support materials, assessment packs and detailed course outlines, diagnostics and planners. All our materials have been linked up via these planners to the Curriculum for Excellence courses. We are producing new CfE dedicated textbooks 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, and 3b as an alternative to our present 5 – 14 resources. See our CfE Section.

Book F – £9.45

This book can be used with pupils in Secondary (possibly late Primary) who have worked through our Book E. Along with the upper part of Book E, it covers the contents of the CfE Level 3 course (see TeeJay's Free Level 3 Course Planner which details the use of Books E and F to cover Level 3 in our CfE link page).

  • Along with our Book E, this should prepare pupils to attempt the Level 3 Assessments - (TeeJay provides Assessment Packs covering All Levels Early to 3). Because of its mature content and layout, it also should give a good grounding in preparation for the National 5 and Higher courses later on.
  • There are no A and B exercises. It basically covers the entire Level F course without the teacher having to pick and choose which questions to leave out and which exercises are important. They all are!
  • It covers the important work of Level F in ONE textbook.
  • It should prove to be an invaluable aid to the "fast tracking" of pupils in S1/2 and allow them to begin their Credit or Intermediate 2 course at the beginning of S2 or at the latest by Christmas time of S2.
  • It contains an 8 page "Chapter (–1)" which primarily revises every topic at Level E and can be used as a diagnostic tool. This could be followed by a diagnostic assessment of the work of Level E (see Downloads).
  • It is then followed by 17 chapters, ending at Chapter 59!
  • Non-calculator skills will be emphasised and encouraged throughout the book.
  • Each topic will have a "Topic in a Nutshell" exercise as a summary.
  • Homework is available as a photocopiable pack along with an Assessment pack which can be used topic by topic or combined to form a series of Level F cumulative Tests.

Pupils should then be able to complete their Credit or Intermediate 2 course leisurely by the end of S3 or early in S4. This could allow Unit 1 of Higher Maths to be tackled and assessed before beginning the revision for their Credit or Intermediate 2 May examination.


This might also help eradicate the two term dash needed to complete the Higher course in S5.


Tom Strang and Jim Geddes