National 5 Resources

Having completed all books from CfE Early through to National 4, we have now turned our attention to National 5. We are producing two textbooks, basically an N5-1 and N5-2 set of books, based on our popular IC1 and IC2 books, but repackaged with the missing Vectors, Completion of the Square, Discriminant and 3D Pythagoras work included.


However, being aware that some schools will not be tackling National 5 till S4, (Though preparity work should begin in S3), we have renamed the books CfE Book 4+ and Book N5.

There are two routes to National 5

Route A

For those pupils who are attempting a National 5 course throughout S3 and S4.

  • Our Book CfE 4+ covers every single strand of Level 4 and can be assessed as such using a TeeJay CfE Assessment which will be produced, similar to our CfE Levels 1 to 3 Packs, now in over 80% of Scottish Schools. As well as covering CfE Level 4, it will form the grounding for completing the National 5 Course at the end of 4th Year.
  • Our National 5 Book N5 therefor will then prepare pupils for the National 5 course exam at the end of S4 as it contains all the outcomes laid out in the SQA Contents list.

Route B

For those pupils who are attempting National 5 course in S5 or S6.

  • Our National 5 Book N5 can be used as a free standing resource, covering the entire Contents List for National 5. It assumes prior knowledge/skills practice based on the Student having completed CfE Level 4 or National 4 earlier in their schooling.

We hope to have CfE Book 4+ ready by September and Book N5 ready shortly afterwards, hopefully by October/November.


Interim Course Planner (based on IC1 and IC2)
We realise that schools will have been using our IC1 and IC2 books to cover the new National 5 Course, and to that end, we would like to offer a FREE download of an "interim" course planner for Nat 5 based on these 2 books.


The Missing National 5 Topics
The following topics, new to the S3/4 Maths curriculum, are being produced by TeeJay at present and will be embedded in the new N5 Resource.

For schools, using our IC1 and IC2, either fully or in the interim period, these chapters will be available in April as FREE downloads from this part of our site.